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 We believe dogs are one of Gods

 finest creatures, and they are a blessing

 to humans in many ways. Our main goal

 with our dogs is to be their loving owner.

 They are our pets and a part of our

 family before they are breeding dogs!


          The American Pit Bull Terrier or

 APBT is an awesome breed of dog, and is

 one of the most misunderstood breeds to

 ever walk this earth.

           However misunderstood they are,

 they're still one of the most sound in

 temperament, and you can find the facts

 if you search for them. Yet, there are

 many who wish them ill because of the

 media hype surrounding the infamous Pit


            The APBT's legacy is more than

 that of a fighting dog for the merciless

 will of some cold-blooded dog men.

            The APBT is a loyal dog that is
 extremely intelligent and willing to
 please it's owner no matter what their 
 owners ask them to do.
            The APBT is also one of the most
 beautiful breeds of dog to ever be
 shown. They are 100% breathtaking
when you get the chance to meet one,
and we wish everyone could know them
 the way we and many other
 responsible owners know them.


          We hope you enjoy our dogs and

 this site.We love them and consider them

 a part of our family. We hope you enjoy

 our website. If you have any suggestions

 on how to make our website better,

 please feel free to send us an email or,

 write in our guestbook to let us know.

 Thank You




 Please help stop dog fighting! It is a

cruel and cowardly act. Help educate

young kids about dog fighting! Young

people need to be educated in this, it's

not cool and it don't solve any problems!










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